Welcome to Mind The Interior

Eating right, exercising, getting enough sleep, mastering stress and practicing mindfulness,… it all definitely adds up to longevity and enhanced well-being. Nevertheless  we are becoming more and more aware of the role that our surroundings — the built environment in which we live and work — play in this equation. One of my many interests as an interior designer is researching the concept of wellness focused interior design – this new design ethos realises that residential and commercial spaces can greatly influence our physical health, as well as our emotional state of mind. And this is how Mindtheinterior.com was born.

The mission of M.T.I. is to bring the focus of interior design (and design in general)  back to a simpler, intimate and people-centric view, with more focus on lifestyle, health and meaningful experiences.

Mind the interior is curated and written by me – Živa Lutman (photo: Tania Mendillo), an interior designer based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. And now it’s time … start exploring the world of M.T.I.!